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5 Mental and Physical Benefits of Camping


Not only is camping a fun and adventurous holiday experience, but it offers many physical and mental benefits. With symptoms of stress in the body and mind increasing among Americans, according to a 2017 poll by the American Psychological Association, getting outdoors and into nature is a great way to relieve some of life’s pressures and responsibilities. Are you wondering how exactly camping helps you body? Let’s take a look at some of the key benefits.

1. You’re Unplugged from Technology

Too much technology in people’s lives has been linked to increased levels of anxiety and poor sleep. When you’re camping, the lack of electricity and phone signal means that you can be totally unplugged from any form of technology and screen, which can do wonders to calm your body and relieve you from physical pain such as stiffness in the neck.

2. More Exposure to Vitamin D

As a result of being outdoors constantly, the body is exposed to the sun a lot more, which results in higher levels of Vitamin D in the body. Vitamin D absorption can help to maintain normal levels of phosphate and calcium, which is essential for strong bones, as well as ward off symptoms of depression. Some have even found links between Vitamin D and the reduced risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and forms of cancer. As a handy tip, make sure you apply sunscreen before getting out in front of the sun.

3. Being in Nature is Good for Your Mental State

A Stanford University study found that spending time outdoors and completing activities in nature can help to reduce rumination, which is the obsessive, negative thinking that can lead to a number of mental health issues. Whether it’s taking a walk, sitting among the environment or even completing everyday tasks you’d do at home, being outdoors can help to calm and center the body. Cooking, for example is a great way to clear the mind outdoors. But make sure you equipped with the right gear for this, like a camping stove, so the process runs smoothly and you avoid any unnecessary stress.

4. More Chances to Burn Calories

Being outdoors, there are a number of opportunities for some physical activity. Depending on the location of your trip, there would be places to go swimming, walking, kayaking and trekking, which are all great ways to burn calories. Physical exercise is known by many to reduce stress levels in the body and leave individuals feeling happier and calmer. Not only is it great mentally but exercise strengthens your body, with physical fitness being beneficial for your heart, blood pressure and muscle strength.

5. Better Sleep

Sleeping close to the sun’s schedule, which involves going to sleep and waking up with the sun, is a great way to regulate your circadian rhythm, and this more achievable when sleeping outdoors during camping. Regulating your circadian rhythm means your body will find it easier to go to sleep and wake up at regular times, reducing cases of insomnia or oversleeping. By getting better sleep you are doing wonders for your body as it gets the appropriate time to rest and recuperate, meaning lower stress levels, sharper cognitive functions and boosted immunity.

By getting outdoors and spending some time among nature, camping is a great way to not only spend time with family and friends, but is known to boost your mind and body. Allocate some time and plan a fun camping trip so you can reap the benefits.

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