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5 Questions to ask your Dentist about Dental Implant


5 questions to ask your dentist about dental implants

One or more missing teeth can have a negative impact on the ability to chew food and make people shy away from the public eye. This unfortunate situation can result from tooth decay or an unforeseen accident – but we can all agree that no one likes to be left with a toothless grin! In the past, when someone did lose their teeth, the only options available were dental bridges or dentures. Thankfully, modern dentistry has given patients the choice of dental implants to improve mouth functionality and smile aesthetics.

But, if you are considering this treatment then you are likely to have many questions that you want to ask your dentist – or you may not know where to start and be wondering what to ask your dentist! Either way, let us give you a helping hand by taking a look at 5 questions to ask your dentist about dental implant treatment (and we even give you some answers too!):

Am I a suitable candidate for the treatment?

Whether or not you are a suitable candidate will be determined during an initial examination where the dentist carries out X-rays and examines your mouth. The level of bone available is a major factor in whether treatment can progress and any signs of gum disease will need to be treated before placement. The treatment may not be recommended for patients who have uncontrolled type II diabetes or previous history of strokes or heart attacks. These issues should be discussed with your dentist.

How long has the dentist been placing dental implants?

If you are going to get implants it is best to get them from a qualified dentist with several years of experience. How many implants has the dentist placed in their career? What is their success rate? Not just anyone can provide the treatment but you still want to find someone you feel comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to ask about a dentist’s training and experience, and don’t be afraid to shop around.

Is the treatment painful and can I have sedation?

Post-operative discomfort is normally minimal and the patient will be prescribed with medication to alleviate any painful symptoms. Anaesthesia will be used during the procedure to limit any pain, but certain patients may prefer the option of sedation. This can help patients to feel more comfortable during the placement, and sedation is often preferred by nervous individuals or dental phobic patients.

How long does treatment take?

Treatment time will differ for each patient due to the range of variables that can impact the implant process. Initially, an examination will be performed before the treatment begins, after which the area will be left to heal for around 3 months. This is so they can integrate with the jawbone tissue. After this time the dentist will check that the implants have integrated properly and place the teeth restorations. Total treatment time can be up to 8 months depending on the patient’s specific circumstances.

Can I see previous patients’ before and afters?

This is something many patients do not think to ask but it can give great insight into the kind of smile transformations your dentist has achieved; if they did this for that patient then they can do it for me too! If the dentist is unwilling to show you any before and afters then alarm bells should be ringing. You can also ask to speak to previous patients if you wish, which can give you a great outlook of what to expect.

Your questions

Of course, these are just some of the general questions people consider when they are set to get dental implants. But they do not allow for each person’s unique needs, so make sure to consider your dental needs and to ask the questions that matter to you.

This is a guest post from dentists Ollie & Darsh where patients can receive a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments.

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