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Activities to Help Your Body, Mind and Soul Recharge


Life can be draining. Between work, family, friends, social obligations, holidays and school, it seems like there is rarely enough time in a day to just take care of you. That’s why, every once in a while, you should schedule a little time to recharge your batteries and do something that is good for your soul. Here are just a few suggestions:

Give Back

Giving back to others in the community is a great way to feel great. A good way to do that is by finding a local organization you believe in such as literacy, animal rights, food banks or support for the military. You can find these groups online through sites like or at your local community centers, schools and religious institutions.

For instance, if you want to support the military, you can join an organization like Operation Gratitude. This is a great group to start with because there are different levels of participation from donating money to writing letters to creating hand-made carepackages. Or, if you want to interact with the people you are helping, you could create welcome home events.

Do Something Different

Sometimes all it takes to be happy is to do something you’ve never done before. While this can be something extreme like bungee jumping or sky diving, it doesn’t have to be. Anything new can be an exciting way to keep yourself growing, learning and moving forward.

If you like adventure, but don’t want to go as far as jumping out of a plane, try a new activity such as ziplining, dirt biking or white water rafting. Not only are these activities fun but they also get your blood flowing and increase your adrenaline levels.

If you love the arts, take time to visit a museum, go to a concert or see a show. Consider driving to a different city to experience its cultural sites. For example, drive to New York City to see a Broadway play or to visit MoMA. You can even take your significant other, your children or a friend to share the experience with you.

Go Old School

In these days of emails, instant messages and texts, the art of written communication seems to be dead. But, do you remember how fun it was to receive a letter in the mail? A great way to refill your soul is to recognize and be grateful for the people in your life. Sit down and write out a letter to the people you care about most. The physical act of writing the letter can be both fun and fulfilling. If you are feeling especially artsy, try writing an old fashioned letter with a calligraphy pen. No matter what, the lucky recipient is sure to feel special and loved.

Whatever you like to do to invigorate your soul, make sure you make time to do it. The simple truth is, you can only give to others after you have given to yourself. So take the time, and do something just for you.

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