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Breast Health Care: Beward of the Enemies


Every woman wants to have a healthy and attractive bust line. Breasts are the important organs of a woman that draws the attention of people, especially the opposite sex. Breasts not only add to the beauty of a woman but are crucial for other activities too. They have a significant role in sexual life as well as in nourishing the new born. Hence, healthy breasts are an essential prerequisite for every girl and woman.

Yet, many women don’t often take proper care to protect and maintain the health of their breasts and hence, they will have to suffer in later years. But some really do care for their breasts. They follow every step to protect the health of their breasts as well as keep them attractive and beautiful. Some undergo natural therapies at spas or beauty salons for this purpose while others manage to maintain the health of their breast at home and get positive results. Also, at the same time, women commit blunders that may damage their breast health. Here are bad things which are likely to affect the health of your breasts.


If you are obese then it will have bad impact on your overall wellness as well as the health of your breasts. If you put on more weight then you may have to suffer from various diseases. Being overweight increases your risk of breast cancer. Excess fat deposits in tissues will result in high estrogen levels, the hormone that triggers unhealthy breast development. The more fat deposits you have, the more estrogen is produced by your body on a regular basis. The contrary also has a negative effect on your breasts’ health. If you have chosen to shed off those extra pounds, make sure the transition is slow enough so that your body gets used to it. Any sudden weight loss may result in sagging breasts. Hence, weight loss should also be gradual.

Excess intake of alcohol

Many studies have shown that excess intake of alcohol increases your risk of developing breast cancer. According to Harvard research conducted on 38,000 healthy women, it was found that those who consumed 12 ounces of alcohol everyday experienced a 32 percent increase for developing unhealthy breast cells.


Stress plays a significant role in development of breast disorders. According to Chinese theories, one of the best things a woman can do to maintain the health of her breasts is to discover the ways to relax and reduce stress. Such methods include regular practice of yoga, meditation and simple relaxation therapy.

Not exercising regularly

Exercise not only help you manage stress but also help in toning your breast skin. Studies have reported that exercising regularly can reduce estrogen levels and lower the risk of breast cancer. However, exercises not only help you in staying fit but also prevent sagging and enhance the beauty of your breasts. If you think that chest workouts are just for men, then you are totally wrong. Chest exercises are also beneficial for women as they are great for keeping your breasts in good shape.

Never do breast self-examination

Most women ignore breast self-examination. You should not forget to do breast self-exam every month. If you don’t have the idea of doing it properly you can take the help of your gynecologist in doing so. If you find any lumps during your self-exam, you need to consult your gynecologist immediately. It is better to treat the lumps in its early stages as you have a better chance of complete recovery than to wait for the lumps to be fully developed.

Wrong bra

Provide the right clothing to your breasts. By wearing the wrong bra size, you are likely to suffer from health problems like incorrect posture, skin irritation and discomfort in breathing. Moreover, it causes damage to the breast tissues resulting in breast pain and sagging. Your bra size can change frequently due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy or illness. So instead of sticking to a particular size, measure your breasts regularly to ensure you are getting the right support.

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