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Diabetic Socks Promote Health without Compromising Style


Socks have been around forever. Most of us rely on them to keep our feet warm and toasty, but they offer additional benefits as well. For example, diabetes frequently affects a person’s feet. Diligent foot care — including having the best socks and shoes — is essential for keeping the feet as healthy as possible. Sturdy shoes that don’t irritate the feet are a good choice. But having the right diabetic socks is crucial to help protect the feet while reducing discomfort and sensitivity. Socks of all types also happen to be back in style, which is great news if you’re in the market for a new pair of diabetic socks.

Whether you suffer from diabetes or arthritis, finding the right pair of socks is essential to keep your feet comfortable and protected. It’s important to opt for diabetes-specific socks over regular varieties for several reasons. For example, traditional socks can reduce circulation, as they often fit too tightly for someone with diabetes. Additionally, traditional socks contain coarse seams that can irritate the skin of the feet, leading to blisters and calluses. You’ll want to slip on a pair of diabetic socks in cold temperature to prevent frostbite. Aside from offering maximum blood flow, most diabetic socks fit nicely inside of a variety of shoes.

There’s a wide selection of diabetic socks for men and women, both of which offer moisture reduction throughout the day along with lesser amounts of friction, wrinkling, and bunching. For females in particular, it’s important to look for diabetic socks for health-related needs that also have a fashionable appearance. You might instinctively think of knee-high socks when you picture diabetic socks, but that’s not always the case. If you just need a pair of socks for foot protection, for example, consider a pair of mini crew socks, which sit just above the ankle. Another option is socks that rise just above the ankle, providing essential cover to the lower leg and feet. Whether you opt for shorter socks or taller ones, you’ll be happy to know that you’re making a stylish choice.

Let’s face it — the words “stylish” and “socks” might seem like polar opposites. However, feet (and the socks that cover them) are making strides in the fashion world, making them an essential for men and women. This is true for just about any type of sock, including diabetic socks. In fact, sales sock sales have been booming in recent years. According to Bloomberg Businessweek, sock sales for the past year have risen 14 percent, and sock sales (including all types) have created a $2.8 billion industry.

Aside from rising sales, it seems like one main reason for the socks’ increasing popularity is the fact that people are buying them for a variety of occasions. It wasn’t too long ago that most people associated wearing socks with heading to the office for a day at work. Nowadays, socks of all types are in vogue, including compression socks that athletes frequently sport — the same type of sock that is recommended for diabetics and those with arthritis.

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