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does throwing up make you lose weight



Does throwing up make you lose weight


What to throwing up and why it happens?

Getting up is a common question, or you may be familiar with “vomiting” at least once in our lives. If you vomit something greenish yellow, there is a chance that you are vomiting yellow bile. Bile is another term for gastric juices. Usually it is not in the stomach. The pyloric sphincter does not open abnormally unless something foreign enters your digestive system. The food will then travel from your small intestine and associate with the content in your stomach, resulting in a yellowish gastric fluid.

Does throwing up help you lose weight?

Getting up to lose weight is a controversial topic in many medical communities. While some people express their agreement with this method, most strongly oppose it because it does not have a significant impact. Most importantly, it even has disastrous effects on your health. In this section, we shed light on the exciting truth behind the question “Does throwing up help you lose weight?

The answer is no! Vomiting does not help you lose weight. Doing so is a sign that vomiting is damaging your condition and immediate help from doctors is essential. First, when you smoke yellowish bile, it is acid and stomach matter. Bile is harmful to teeth, the esophagus, and a host of other parts. Are you ready to suffer these consequences in exchange for losing some weight? Second, the main reason that people are obese is the concentration of unhealthy fats in their bodies. Focusing on vomiting is not a solution to eliminate these fats. You are attacking the wrong points! Instead, you are removing everything in your stomach, including nutrients that are good for your health.

How to lose weight when getting up

Getting up after eating is called bulimia. This is an eating disorder and works well for a few but not for many. Most people dock and then vomit their food. This causes some health problems for most people. Some disorders that occur are metabolism, hair loss, digestive disorders, decreased body temperature, irregular heartbeat, and dental damage, among a few dozen other disorders. However, some people have managed to lose weight by vomiting effectively. To lose weight by vomiting, one has to stimulate the muscles of the stomach and throat a minute after eating. It will not be possible to vomit food after the food has reached the intestines. It is when the food is in the stomach that it can be vomited.

If you can’t help eating when you’re still hungry, the only option left is to vomit when you’re done. But again, you must stop eating before the food begins to digest. Drink plenty of water before and after eating. It is the water you drink after you finish eating just before vomiting that helps you get up. Therefore, drink as much water as you can after eating. The amount of water itself will make you want to vomit. Then go to the laundry room and tickle your throat as far back as possible. This will cause you to vomit the food you ate before you can digest it and store calories.

There are some precautions that you should pay attention to before starting this therapy. Bulimia is an addiction. Some people cannot stop the process once they have started it. Many people lose the will to stop the cleaning process once they have practiced it for several months. Then there are people who have the will and determination to stop cleaning after each meal that they cannot do, as it is part of their daily routine and digestive process.

While catching up after meals is a very effective way for many people, many people don’t recommend it. Therefore, before starting this therapy, or before starting the process of losing weight by vomiting, you should consult your doctor. If you have to go through this process to lose weight, you should make a point of eating one meal a day and vomiting it within the first 10 minutes after eating the meal. However, we must reiterate that there are many other healthier ways to lose weight than trying to lose it by vomiting. We sincerely recommend readers not to use this method of weight loss.


Additional guidance:

Apparently, when a person starts to stop eating or vomiting, but in a sense it seems (the effect in any case, the fact that the person does not allow any food to be digested) the body thinks that thin food is a natural defense So weight loss doesn’t start right away, and in fact, any food you eat but not always healthy will add more weight, since most of the food consumed will be stored because you will think about food but you are slim.

If you were thinking about not eating or throwing out your food, then you shouldn’t, it is completely unhealthy for you, the bones can be very broken and your energy levels will decrease It is the best way to lose weight balance to eat a diet Make it healthier than anything, eat until you feel full. We know that this type of healthy diet does not produce instant weight loss results, but once your body gets used to it, you will lose weight quickly and be healthy, so you can do more. Even more weight loss. When you exercise, muscle has more weight than fat, so even if you get to a point in your lifestyle where your weight seems to be increasing, you’re only building muscle, which is great. If you were just curious about weight loss and not thinking about it, we hope this helps others.

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