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Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home without Equipment


Exercises to Lose Weight Fast at Home without Equipment

Exercise can be difficult when you don’t have the proper time or equipment, especially when trying to lose weight. Fortunately, there are many simple and effective exercises you can do at home to lose weight without the need to use your own muscles. If you are thinking of going to a crowded gym to combat weight loss and making the sweat-soaked gear previously used by practitioners shudder with displeasure, the best idea is to stay fit at home. Exercising at home to lose weight requires only your will and determination to be fit and healthy.

Most importantly, you often exercise with physical activity, such as cardio or aerobic exercise, and do it correctly to get the best health and fitness benefits for optimal weight loss and fat burning. The only challenging part of exercising at home is the motivation to start it or include it in your daily routine to increase that heart rate and eliminate that abdominal fat.

Best exercises to do at home from fast weight loss

  • Jumping

A great energy exercise, a great leap to burn fat and build muscle. Squat down and jump next to you with one foot, then immediately jump in the opposite direction, squatting down with the other foot.


  • Hip Push Jerseys

These shirts are great for weight loss. Stand up straight, rest your knees, then stretch your arms behind your back, without bending over. Then jump, pushing your hips forward. Return to the starting position and repeat.


  • Plank

In terms of heart strengthening, plank positioning is a great exercise that offers several benefits:

  • Strengthening of the heart
  • Support the correct posture
  • Works on hamstrings and glutes
  • Balance improves


If you look at the plan site, it seems easy. However, looking correctly when done correctly can mean keeping the trunk of your body in a straight line, off the ground and holding for 20 seconds.

How to do a simple table exercise:

  • With wrists aligned with elbows and elbows below shoulders, release or straighten knees while pressing upper back to reach a straight line
  • Place your chin close to the neck area as if there is something in between
  • While in this position, contract or tighten the stomach, thigh and tail muscles at the same time.
  • Don’t forget to breathe normally while holding this position for at least 20 seconds.
  • Rinse and repeat


Jump the rope


The best way to increase blood flow and heartbeat is to jump a rope. Feel like a kid again while doing this simple but very useful exercise. What benefits can you get from this job?

  • It is a fun way to burn calories.
  • Focusing on the feet also improves body coordination
  • Improve heart health.
  • Refine breathing
  • Bone density improves
  • A mental boost to greatly improve memory and reading skills.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety.


The best thing about this exercise is that it does not require the proper techniques to do it. Just buy a jump rope, pick the best place in town, and you’re ready to go. Jumping up and down should be part of the exercise routine to get the most benefits.


One of the best and most natural ways to tone the body is squats. Squatting is a normal daily activity that we all do from tying a shoe to lifting something off the floor. The only difference is using the correct posture when squatting to reap the benefits.
Health and fitness benefits from squats:

  • Muscle growth from squats also burns more calories
  • Leg strength, vital to maintain balance and mobility.
  • It improves the flexibility of the hips and ankles, avoiding injuries
  • A great exercise to tone your entire body, specifically your abs and back.

How to squat correctly:

  • Stand with your feet apart (at least shoulder width)
  • With your knees and legs aligned, straighten your back.
  • Slowly bend to a 90 degree angle as you lower your ankles, hips, and knees
  • Return to normal position and repeat for 15-20 reps for one set

Push-ups cat

This version of the classic push-up is even better and more effective for losing weight. Start from a pushup position, then bend your knees and stretch your knees back, stretching like a cat. Pause for a few seconds, then jump back into a flexed position.


Lunges are some of the most popular exercises to lose weight and stretch. Stand up straight, then step forward with one leg and lower your body until your knees are 90 degrees. Repeat on the other side.


This is a more advanced exercise that will give you excellent results. Sit on your glutes, then lift your legs up to your face without bending your knees, then try to reach them with your arms. Hold this position for a few seconds.


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