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How e-cigarettes could represent better health


Everyone knows that the real party often takes place outside, with hardened smokers holding court in a fog of cigarette smoke. At least that’s how it used to be. Vaping and electronic cigarettes have been around for a while, but they are recently starting to prove popular. They offer a cost effective alternative to other smoking cessation devices, and a healthier lifestyle without the fear of quitting.

This means that those trying to improve their health can do so without stress at social occasions. Many social smokers are used to spending their time outside. A party, whether it’s a wedding or a corporate event, has to be pretty spectacular in order to get everyone involved. Offer something they just can’t miss so that everyone can enjoy themselves.

Surprise Element

I once attended a special 60-birthday party for a well-respected man. The company, which provided the entertainment, added a very special touch to what was already a great atmosphere. Professional singers posed as serving staff and at the right time, they then burst out into song, surprising and entertaining everyone in the building barring those who already knew of course.

Silent Disco

If you felt that wasn’t enough, how about a silent disco? Everyone on the dance floor listens to music through wireless earphones. Guests were able to switch between two different DJs via buttons on the headphones. DJs can either supply music, or you can specify your own.

All in all, this is fun to take part in, and even more fun to watch.

Aerial Dancers

Aerial dancers have also taken over as a must-have for entertaining, with their feats of acrobatic daring and awe-inspiring choreography on trapeze, ropes and silks. Many also offer instruction packages, where your guests can also take part. Most dancers can tailor their performances to your event to make the experience extra personal. They can also incorporate other circus arts such as fire breathing and can even serve your guests drinks!

An event filled with unique entertainment can be an enjoyable and memorable way for your vaping guests to relax. Electronic cigarettes are an excellent alternative to chemical filled tobacco products. Companies like Vapouriz offer a wide variety of options from different flavours, starter kits and refills. There truly is something there for everyone.

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