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Low Fat Weight Loss Plans


Low Fat Weight Loss Plans

One of the biggest mistakes that the average person makes is becoming obsessed with a low calorie diet. Many times a low calorie diet does not provide you with enough energy for your body to require the processes that is imperative to existence. Not only do many people feel exhausted and fatigued, but this can also lead to vitamin deficiencies and lowered immune systems. This is why it is imperative that your are aware of what is in the foods that you consume in a normal diet and adhere to a low fat diet plan.

The other mistake that most people make is in taking too many calories which are usually in high fat diets. Diets that are high in fat no only cause weight gain, but can lead to high cholesterol, heart problems, and blood pressure irregularities.

Instead of becoming obsessed with calorie counting, look at the types of foods you are consuming. If the foods are high in fat, they are not helping you, and most likely hurting you. Most fast foods such as burgers and fried foods are high in fat content and are certainly not good for you, and are also high in calories. Foods such as fresh nuts and certain vegetables are also high in calories, and contain some fat but also contain proteins and nutrients which are very beneficial to a healthy diet. Essentially if the good outweighs the bad, it is worthwhile. Even if the food make have some fat in it, as long as it is rich in protein, vitamins and nutrients, in moderation it is important.

Just because a food is low in calories, does not mean that it is good for you in the long run. Most low calorie foods do not contain substantial nutrients and substances that the body needs to break down to keep organ systems functioning correctly. There are some exceptions such as vegetables like broccoli, celery, and a variety of lettuce which contain nutrients and fiber and are also very low in calorie content.

Many people also make mistakes in the type of high calorie foods they choose such as meats. Red meats and high calorie seafood such as lobster and crab can be high in calories, but in moderation are beneficial to any diet. Foods such as bacon and sausage should be avoided because they contain very little nutrients and are very high in fat. Individuals who need protein in their diet but want lower calorie and lower fat meats should consume white meats and fish such as turkey, chicken and salmon.

Before making any decisions in changing your diet drastically, you should always consult a physician or a dietitian first. This will ensure you are consuming the correct amount of calories, moderation’s of fat, and nutrients needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Some people require special diets such as low cholesterol and low fat diets, diabetic diets which contain controlled amounts of sugar, and vegetarian and vegan diets which require special precautions and nutritional substitutes. Maintaining a healthy diet with regular exercise will assist you in living the happiest and healthiest life possible.

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