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Prayer to Lose Weight 


Prayer to Lose Weight 

Pray to Lose Weight – Prayers to Lose Weight.

Using a prayer diet is a great way to lose weight. Like many things in life that are difficult, God can pray. It is easier to make positive changes in your life. The most important element of the prayer diet is consistency. You must pray daily, every morning, to keep your goals in mind. By beginning this dialogue with God every morning, with His help, you gain the energy to make the daily changes to be healthy by eating better and exercising. No doubt you came to see this post about praying for weight loss because you are currently on a weight loss journey or have been struggling with weight issues for some time. So in this article we will discuss prayer to lose weight /pray to lose weight/prayers to lose weight.

A prayer for losing weight

Prayers for Weight Loss Many of us may be overly concerned with how easy it is to lift or how difficult it is to lose. We often feel unnecessarily guilty in a society that does not recognize that we all have different rates of metabolism and different types of genetic inheritance. Along with this, we are surrounded by a mixture of media influences that place unrealistic expectations for all of us. So food can be comforting and fill the spaces of our lives with disappointment, loneliness or sadness. With the love of God working deep in our hearts, we can begin to love ourselves again. We can allow this transformation in our lives to flow outside of us, giving us strength, courage and hope. By changing the way we view food and food, we can be released into all that God wants us to be in our heart, mind, body and spirit.

Prayers to lose weight:

Dear Lord,

You don’t see the whole story, but you understand the reasons why I have to be on a diet. You are my father and I am at your extremities, so I pray that you will see this new diet attempt. Come and give me an idea, I will discover new options of food, exercise and vitality for my life. Lord, help me keep my feelings under control. That I couldn’t use food as comfort for my feelings. Rather, can I bring you these feelings? And Lord, help me to have vision and hope. I can take it every day and instead of seeing it as a pass or a failure, seeing it as a good effort. Lord, change my habits with your breath of love and life. Your name Amen

Another Pray to lose weight


I strive to know more, Lord, your words of life, your vision. Your love and hope running through my life. And Lord, I hope to be smaller, in terms of my weight and size. I know you love me the way I am, but I would love to feel free. So, Lord, I am here for you. Help change my mind to get excited about the food I eat. Help my body be motivated to move more, stretch and exercise. And help keep my heart soft and optimistic, full of vision for the future and love for my life, my family and friends. Thank God I’m not alone in all of this. I walk with you


A prayer for losing weight

Guide me, sir, trying to lose weight. You are my light and my anchor, and with you I know that everything is possible. Help me make healthy decisions today and empower me to combat destructive cravings that negatively affect my health. You said: The Lord is with all who come, and he raises all prejudices. While I am in front of you today, I got up to help me reach my goals.
Teach me that anything that replaces God is an idol. Help me to reject any unhealthy habit in which I look for false joys. For you my true consolation and salvation. In your name I pray, Amen.


Best short Prays to lose weight


  • Dear God, I have a purpose and a desire to be healthier. I know that only true health comes from you. Although it can be difficult, I know that if I stay on course I will be successful. However, there are some difficult times and even difficult days in my mind trying to figure out what will make me fail. Help me fight those temptations. Help me stay on course. I want your strength, and I want you to give me my decision. Help me find smart ways to stay focused and on track, because you are the Creator of everyone and you know what I need. Thanks always Amen




  • God, I want to lose weight. I’ve been in a cycle for so many years in the body that I don’t want to be, so I miss you. I come to you because you can help me on my journey to health, because you are the God of health and restoration. Please guide me and help me follow you! Amen




  • God, I don’t know how to feed myself properly. I appreciate foods that are not nutritious. I don’t know how to cook an apple or salad too much. I really know how to curb fast food. I want you to change my wishes. I want you to come help me. Amen




  • God, the balance hasn’t moved in days, and I’m frustrated. I’m doing everything right, but because of this “lack of progress” I want to quit. Please help me overcome this little obstacle so I can continue on the path to my health goal. Amen




  • God, I confess I raped. I find myself eating and eating and eating a little more until I’m really full. This gives me comfort and I don’t know why! My brokenness appeared in this bad habit. I want your wisdom Amen



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