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Qualities That Really ‘Make the Man’


What makes the man? Is it a nice suit? How about a high-priced car? A high-paying job? There’s more to men than these superficial qualities. These are the accomplishments real men should strive for.

Health: See the World

Happiness and travel seem to be correlated. In fact, a recent study from Cornell University reports that travel just might be the secret to happiness. The study found that spending money on experiences, like going on a trip, are much more likely to bring a person happiness than spending money on material things. So if you’re thinking that a pricey sportscar or new designer watch will solve all your problems, you’re wrong. Instead of splurging on luxury items, book a vacation. Whether you travel abroad or just over to the next town, your experience is likely to bring happiness into your life.

Hobbies: Try Something New

It takes courage to try something new. So often we find ourselves stuck in our same routines, doing the same things, over and over. We do this because it’s comfortable, it doesn’t require us to step out of our comfort zone. However, being stagnate in a regular routine could potentially be holding you back. Trying something new opens up the possibility of trying something you might actually like. It also keeps you from growing bored, and it even forces you to grow. So, if you’re ready to step out of your comfort zone, consider trying something new like skeet shooting or hot yoga to challenge yourself. Learning how to use a firearm or mastering a handstand on the mat are both challenging, new ways to open up your life to new experiences and possible new hobbies you just might really enjoy. Before you head to that class or the shooting range, be sure you’re equipped with the proper shooting supplies or yoga essentials to make the experience a successful one.

Relationships: Always Be Loving and Kind

We live in a world where men are highly encouraged to be aggressive and masculine. From a young age, boys are taught how to act by the media — but the message isn’t always the right one. The way that men are portrayed in the media make young boys think that it is normal to mistreat and disrespect women. Break the mold, teach your sons — and yourself — to always be loving and kind toward women. This means listening, spending quality time and sharing your life together. If you need it, consider counseling as extra support. It’s often hard to admit that you may need help in your relationships, or even in other areas of your life, but by seeking out therapy or relationship-building classes, you can grow as a man and better your relationship at the same time.

Education: Be Well-Versed and Well-Read

The more you read, the more successful you are. It is as simple as that. Many of the ultra-successful people today cite reading as they key to success. Observer reports that Bill Gates reads about 50 books per year. Mark Cuban reads more than three hours each day. And when asked how he learned to build rockets, Elon Musk said, “I read books.” If you’re searching for something new to read, check out Amazon’s top seller list and browse your interests to find something new to sit down with.

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