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Quick Chicken Brine for Perfect Chicken Every Time


This fast chicken brine results in the most tender and juicy chicken . Additionally, it’s really easy to create and brines a whole chicken or chicken parts in just two or three hours.

Quick Chicken Brine
Quick Chicken Brine

You probably know that brining your poultry helps impart a rich, savory taste and creates an incredibly moist, tender texture. But how frequently do you brine your chicken? Just when you recall the night before?

I am no good at that”let marinate overnight” crap — I’m just not that coordinated, and frankly, most of the time that I don’t determine what we’re eating on any particular night until this morning! Cravings rule our house, but I have not figured out a means around that just yet. This quick brine is everything I wanted and more (no more hyperbole, I swear). It is tasty, simple, and quick.

You simply require a few hours for this brine, which makes it totally doable once you recall that, oh yeah, you need to cook dinner tonight, exactly like every single night. You understand that’s how it happens…at least in our home. The salt solution is the perfect ratio to infuse the chicken with flavor and tender tenderness in only a couple of hours, without over-salting the bird. The first ratio stems in Michael Ruhlman, who composed the book Ratio, so the guy knows his ratio-related stuff.

 quick chicken brine produces
quick chicken brine produces

This fast chicken brine generates the most tender, flavorful chicken together with all the crispiest skin.
It’s possible to include garlic, peppercorns, herbs, citrus, or any other aromatics you are fancy, but it works wonders to the taste of your humble chicken without all of the fancy add-ins, also. Particularly if you’re stretching a poultry to use over several recipes, this simple saltgig may be the ideal choice, and therefore you don’t find yourself using rosemary-infused chicken in, ” I don’t knowa Thai dish.

I love to brine my chicken in the morning, then drain after a couple of hours, and let air dry in the refrigerator until I am ready to use. Air drying enables the skin to really dry out, so that when you sear, fry, or roast it, the skin will get unbuh-buh-believably crisp and delicious. Is there anything worse than flabby, rubbery skin? No, there is nothing worse, except that new Miley Cyrus video. Like. . a permanent comeback? I digress.


Why brine chicken?

We have had overcooked chicken — maybe not so great, right? What a chicken brine does is two things: it offers the poultry flavor and keeps it juicy. When you brine chicken, you are basically installing a failsafe on your own dish. You have more wiggle room to cook the bird with no becoming dry after a minute as long in the oven, and you’ve got creative control over the flavors you’d like to contribute to the entire muscle meat of your poultry, not exactly what you’re seasoning it with right before cooking.

Why brine chicken?
Why brine chicken?

How can you make a brine?

Brining is a very simple concept: when making a wet brine, you make a salt solution and flavor it with spices, herbs, and sometimes sugar. Exactly how high the salt content will depend on how fast you want to brine the meat — this brine, for instance, has a high salt content so that you may brine quickly. Whereas, together with your Thanksgiving turkey, you reduce the overall salt density so you can brine it more. This is essential since that dang bird is really significant!

Many people season their brine with sugartoo, but we a) don’t adore sugar in our food and b) discover a salt-only brine generates a super versatile chicken which really just tastes better and more tender and juicier.

After you make your brine, you will completely submerge your bird (or bird bits!) In the liquid for the recommended amount of time, then eliminate, tap super, super dry, and cook like normal.


Why this recipe works

This fast chicken brine works for a few reasons: the content of salt is higher than many brines, so it functions more effectively quicker than a typical brine.
And by adding fresh herbs and garlic, you are imparting a rich taste to the full chicken meat, rather than just seasoning the surface at a recipe.
Utilizing ice to cool down the hot salt solution quickly makes this chicken brine super easy and speedy.

Tips for the perfect quick chicken brine

Do not over-brine the chicken! The salt solution is greater than your standard overnight brine, and that means you want to be certain to limit your brining time to 2-3 hours at room temperature or 4-6 hours in the fridge.
Make sure you really weigh your components to make sure to have the exact appropriate proportions. This digital scale is a great kitchen thing to have on hand anyway!
Dissolve the salt completely before you take it off the heat.
After brining, salt your poultry skin only lightly before cooking.

Use fresh cilantro and a sliced fresh jalapeño for Mexican chicken brine vibes.
Lightly crush a few black peppercorns underneath a heavy skillet and add those to a chicken brine.

The best way to make fast chicken brine

You need just a couple of items: water, salt, smashed garlic, and a few sprigs of fresh herbs.

How to make quick chicken brine
Combine your own water, garlic, salt, and herbs in a saucepan and dissolve the salt completely. Bring to a boil.

Let stand 10 minutes.

Pour hot brine over ice and stir to dissolve completely.

Drain, discard garlic and herbs, and tap very, very dry. Use in any recipe, but make sure that you salt the chicken bits quite lightly.

Quick Chicken Brine
Quick Chicken Brine

Could chicken be brined overly long?

Yes! Please, please don’t brine your chicken with this recipe for longer than the recommended time. If you do, you can end up getting quick salty poultry! The same is true for other,”slower” brines. If you give your poultry too much time at the brine, also much of the salt solution will permeate the meat, leading to an oversalted bird. No good! You’re looking for that sweet spot where your poultry has had enough time to brine to become super tender and tasty but not so long that salt dominates the taste. Follow the recipe directions, and I think you’ll be happy!


Just how much time does it take to brine a chicken breast?

If you are brining boneless, skinless chicken breasts, you can eliminate brining them in room temperature for approximately half an hour or chill for about 1 hour. Employing brine is the complete key to this moistest and most tender chicken breasts you’ve ever had!


Why would you brine chicken?

Brining chicken results in the most tender and flavorful poultry, and it makes it harder to overcook! Brining infuses the poultry with tons of flavor and the right amount of salt, resulting in the best chicken you’ve ever had.

15 ounce water 1/2 liter
3 ounces salt 100 g
few sprigs fresh herbs such as rosemary, thyme, or parsley
4 tsp garlic
15 oz ice 500 g ice, or 15 oz of ice water
1 3-4 pound chicken or chicken pieces
Equipment Needed
digital kitchen
large bowl
big plastic food storage bags
Combine water, salt, and aromatics (garlic, herbs, etc.) in a medium saucepan over high heat. Bring to a boil.
Place ice (or ice water) in a large bowl (or very big measuring cup) and pour brine over icehockey.
Use in any recipe, but make sure that you only lightly salt the chicken surface once you’ve brined it.

Mark’s original brine also includes:
1 small onion chopped
1 lemon halved
2 bay leaves
2 tsp black peppercorns, cracked beneath a saute pan

Try out these extras or include your own. I keep mine simple.


Nutrition Facts
Quick Chicken Brine
Amount Per Serving
Calories 178Calories from Fat 108

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