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Tips and Strategies To Successful Weight Loss


Tips and Strategies To Successful
Weight Loss

It is said that upto 95% of people who diet will not only put back the lost weight but will actually weigh more than they did before they started! Why do so many people put back the weight they have lost? Many make the mistake of extreme dieting. They change their eating habits so radically that when they stop they return to the old ways which caused them to gain in the first place. This often results in gaining more weight than they were before the diet. Depression set in comfort eating begins the cycle commences once again. This is why yoyo dieting as it is called, can result in weight increase.

The answer is to adapt your usual eating habits into a diet. Almost like creating your own tailor made, just for you diet. Think about the things you like to eat, try to come up with a plan which will allow you to eat the same as usual but in smaller quantities and don’t forget to exercise. Eat what you like to eat. Just don’t eat as much.


You will often hear people say well I’m starting a weight loss plan tomorrow so today I will eat way more than I would normally for one last time. Why? Why do it? If the purpose of a weight loss plan is to lose weight then why make it even harder for yourself. Chances are your blood sugar level will be raised making you feel even more hungry the next day. Perhaps unbearably hungry and bang goes the whole weight loss plan. At least until the next day and so on. Far better to consider your chosen weight loss plan as an adventure and stick to it. Try not to think of yourself as being deprived of the foods you really enjoy. Don?t look around the table and think you are hard done by because you are not allowed to eat the same foods as everyone else. Think instead of the weight loss plan as a vehicle to take you to where you really want to be. As long as you stay on that vehicle you are heading towards the person you really want to become. The real deprivation is what you are suffering now when you are not able to wear your swim suit without feeling as if people are looking and judging you. The deprivation of not being able to wear the clothes you know you would look great in because you think you are too fat. People who are overweight are depriving themselves of a life that could so easily be theirs. Not just now but for years to come. The health benefits of being near the correct weight for your height cannot be exaggerated. If you are serious about starting a weight loss plan and if you are reading this then I think we can assume you are. Decide why you want to do it and what you hope to gain by doing it. Try not to be too hard on yourself. If you go into a weight loss plan with the intention of losing more than 1-2 lbs per week then think again. People lose weight at different rates.

Tips and Strategies To Successful Weight Loss

Happy Plateau to you !

Some weeks will seem fine and then other times no change will seem to be happening. Many people panic at this stage. It is commonly referred to as a plateau or plateau-ing. This happens to just about everyone on just about every weight loss plan and will very probably happen to you. So be ready and don’t get off that weight loss plan because you think it isn?t working for you anymore. Remember a plateau is simply ‘A flat highland’. Stick with it and sooner or later you will clear it and the weight loss will continue quite often even faster than before. Why do they occur? Perhaps you body is re-evaluating the situation, trying to gauge the changes which are taking place within it. After all, you will weigh less so your fat to muscle ratio will have altered, which will mean that your metabolism will have begun to increase! Your body is now finding new tasks – instead of carrying the excess weight you once possessed it can now begin to make use of the fat deposits – not because of a famine – quite the opposite. The fat is no longer required and is actually a hindrance! When a plateau comes enjoy it and look forward to the next one. They are the milestones which mark your journey.

Choosing the right weight loss plan for you

How to choose a weight loss plan which is right for you is a personal matter. There is little point in following a celebrity diet craze because you admire that actor or performer. They have chosen their plan based on the their personal preferences. Your plan must be sustainable over a long period of time and must also be interesting. I know it sounds obvious, but don’t follow a plan which includes lots of fruit if you don’t like fruit! likewise consider carefully the consequences of a lowcarb plan if you are a vegetarian! read the small print and make sure it is right for you. If the foods or recipes sound like fun to do and are what you already like to eat then there is a good chance it will work for you. If you are the adventurous type then let that be your indulgence. If you have little time and must eat out a lot or prepare different meals for members of your family then don?t be tempted to consume ‘invisible calories’. These are the foods we eat and then forget about later. The bread roll with a meal. The butter with the bread roll! The childrens leftovers. The milk in your coffee, the glass of wine with your meal and so on. These foods do add up so try to avoid unnecessary detours.

Weight Loss Emergency Pack

Keep an emergency snack pack in the car and in the house. Just in case you find you are unable to prepare your planned meal or you suddenly feel that hunger we talked about creeping up on you. Carry a tootbrush and toothpaste around with you. It’s surprising the effect brushing your teeth can have to stop you feeling peckish.

Beating the ‘Binge’

Of course in spite of all your best intentions how do you deal with a major detour ie eating to excess in a short space of time. Well, the first inclination is to think your weight loss plan is blown so why bother carrying on – DON’T. A fall from grace is not the end and is certainly no reason to give up. Consider what led up to it and try to avoid it happening again. DON’T beat yourself up over it. If you keep repeating to yourself that you are useless etc etc then that’s just what will lead to even more binge-ing. Drink lots of water and I mean lots and most importantly of all don?t weigh yourself. Its fairly natural for your weight to appear to increase after a binge – its not fat – more likely water retention, but psychologically it doesn?t help one bit to see the scale going the wrong way so stay off it for at least 3 days. All good weight loss plans will incorporate some kind of safety valve which will allow you under the right conditions to eat something which would not normally be considered part of your plan. If you tell someone who likes chocolate they are not allowed anymore chocolate from now on. They will suddenly start craving chocolate! Far better is to occasionally include (under the right conditions) a special treat (if that is what is desired). You might be surprised to find it doesn?t taste half as good as it did when it was forbidden.

Weight Loss and Exercise The right way

Firstly, we can’t say this often enough (but we will try) – Always check with your GP or Doctor first.

Exercise is the way to really accelerate the weight loss process. Not only will you arrive sooner than you expected at your destination weight but you will also feel pretty good too. The temptation (or fear) is that you will need to buy the latest exercise equipment or join a gym. Resist for just a short while and try a couple of less expensive ways first. look at some of the fittest athletes out there and you will notice that much of their training is done with the simplist of devices. For instance boxers will include skipping as part of their exercise regime. Try it slowly at first and as with all exercises stop if you find you are feeling uncomfortable or cannot continue a conversation during the exercise. Walking is also great form of exercise too – get your partner or friends to join you. I don’t recommend cycling if you haven’t exercised at all for some time. This is purely because your weight is being supported by the bike so there is a risk of unintentionally overdoing it. As mentioned earlier, the ratio of muscle to fat will affect your metabolism so borrow some techniques from body builders! Use free weights to perform some simple exercises. A pair of dumb bells will take up very little room and can be used in a variety of ways to help you tone up muscles. The basic rule is – use low weights with a high number of repetitions to improve muscle tone. Use big weights with a low number of repetitions to achieve big muscles.

The best time of day to exercise is before breakfast! The very act of exercising will set the speed of your metabolism at a higher than usual rate for the rest of the day. The next best time is before your evening meal. As your metabolism begins to slow down you can speed it up again by exercising.

This is a special message for men who are reading this – don’t overdo it! A good exercise session to help with weight loss does not require that you push yourself to your limit. The idea is that you are able to begin the process of getting fit in a way that is comfortable, enjoyable, satisfying and rewarding. You will find that you can incorporate an exercise routine without any major changes to your daily schedule. Remember, if you to want to achieve a six pack stomach pure exercise alone will not do it. You must lose weight – its the only way.

Whichever exercise program you decide is right for you, involve your friends and family. Their support and encouragement are important.

Weight loss plan disclaimer
The weight loss plans listed within this web site are for informational purposes only, and does not represent any solicitations to purchase.. Any person interested in following these Weight Loss Plans is urged and advised to check with their Doctor or GP, before following any diet or weight loss plan. It is entirely your responsibility to check on the weight loss plans/diets found on this web site. The creators and caretakers of this web site are not liable or responsible for the outcome of purchasing or undertaking any of the Weight Loss Plans listed herein at any time past, present or future.

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