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What is Cupping Therapy?


Cupping in an alternative medicine procedure that uses local suction on various areas of the skin, which is believed to mobilize the flow of the blood to encourage healing. The suction is normally done by either heating or mechanical devices like pumps.
The way the therapy is performed is by gently drawing the skin upward which creates a vacuum in a cup that is placed over the target area. The cup will stay in place and hold the skin upward for between five and 15 minutes. The treatment is used to help patients suffering from pain, muscles knots, swelling, and even deep scar tissues that are in the connective tissue or muscles.
History of Cupping
The practice of cupping has been found being used as far back as 3000BC. One of the oldest medical books found written on papyrus in 1550 BC depicts cupping by Egyptians. In China, archaeologists discovered cupping data from 1000BC. In Greece during 400 BC Hippocrates mentioned using cupping for structural problems and internal disease. The same method has been seen throughout Europe and Asian across many centuries.
There are two main cupping methods which are wet cupping or dry cupping. Wet cupping is often used for curing while wet cupping is more for relaxation.
Dry cupping is done by creating close to the skin a small area of low air pressure. The cups that are used can be found in different shapes from one to 3 inches with most being created from glass or plastic. In the past the cups were created from bamboo, bronze, horn, or pottery. The low air pressure is created in different ways including heating the cup or even the air inside the cup with a bath in scented oils or an open flame which is then placed on the skin. As the air inside the cup begins to cool it will draw the skin inside the cup. Wet cupping is done the same only that once the cups are removed small incisions is made in the skin with another cup drawing up a small amount of blood.
Cupping has been used for centuries for the treatment of several medical conditions including arthritis, fertility disorders, gynecology problems, anemia, hemophilia, eczema, acne, physical well being and psychological well being.
As an alternative medicine you will need to find a physician that believes in ancient Chinese practices in order to try cupping for any issues you may be experiencing. To learn more about cupping and other alternative medical practices you can visit so you can make an educated decision on the type of treatment you desire.

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